Family Home Evening Customisable Vinyl Lettering Project.

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This fun Family Home Evening personalised board is a great project for a family or gift.  You can purchase lovely finished boards at Joanne’s, Michaels or Home Depot.  The board we used for this project was a very tight fit to get the 6 x 24 wording on.  We had to place each word on separately, but the finished project is great and well worth the effort.

Material List: 

  1. Sanded board, size of your choice
  2. Wooden drilled  tags, one per family member
  3. Craft painted
  4. Antiquing paint (optional)
  5. Fine sand paper (optional)
  6. Back mounting hooks, one per tag
  7. Wall mounting hook for back of board
  8. Cording of your choice for hanging the tags
  9. Vinyl Lettering of appropriate size, (4 sizes available)


Order your vinyl lettering from the link at the bottom of the page.



  1.  We painted the board with craft paint.  You have many color options for the vinyl, so have fun coordinating the paint.
  2.  You can also antique the edges of the painted board for a stunning effect or sand them to give the finished board a special look.
  3.  Mount the vinyl lettering very carefully to fit just right.
  4.   Attach the hooks for hanging the names on.  We chose back mounting hooks from Home Depot.
  5.   Paint the name tags to match the board and mount vinyl names on tags.
  6.   We attached cording to hold up the tags.  There are many options here.  Just check out your local craft store.
  7.   Attach the wall hanging hook on the back of your board.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 This is a fun project and is used by the family each week and serves as a reminder to all of the importance of being together and and doing your part.  Enjoy!

Click here to purchase the vinyl lettering for this project.

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