Application Instructions:

  1. When you remove the quote from the shipping container or envelope, use a credit card or popsicle stick to gently smooth out any wrinkles or air-bubbles.
  2. Apply pressure with credit card/popsicle stick and rub the entire quote very well, using moderate pressure.
  3. Position quote on a clean surface with the backing still on (grid side facing the wall), and make sure it is centered using a level, ruler & pencil marks.
  4. Use masking tape on the top of your quote to hold in place. Flip vinyl quote upwards (masking tape will act as a hinge), and slowly peel off vinyl backing paper, pulling on a diagonal. You may need to gently assist if any letters don’t release.
  5. Gently flip vinyl back down into proper place using a credit card or popsicle stick to smooth on wall. Work from the center down, then outwards.  Rub entire quote well.
  6. Pull transfer tape off the wall at a diagonal, leaving the vinyl quote adhered to the wall (pull slowly to ensure all of the vinyl letters are released). When you wish to remove the quote, simply lift up a corner and peel off.

Applying multiple tiles for larger Decals:

Position all pieces in correct order as in step 3 above.  Do not go on to step 6 until all tiles have been applied as in step 5. (this way you can see where your next tile should be placed easier)

Applying a Multi-Colored Quote:                                                                              

Follow the above process, but simply repeat it using the second layer once the first is in place.  You can position the second layer easily over the first.


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