J O Y Christmas Project 0004

This beautiful Christmas JOY project mounted on glass in frame is easy to make and easy to store for every holiday season.


– Picture frame with glass size 11 x 21 inches minimum. We bought ours at Michaels
– 1 tube of glass caulking
– frame mounting hook if not already on frame
– Vinyl Lettering  Order Vinyl Here


1. Remove the glass from the picture frame and clean and dry.
2. Rub your vinyl lettering onto the outside of the glass being gentle enough not to break the glass.  Make sure the decal is centred before rubbing it on. Once the lettering is rubbed onto the glass, it is hard to remove without damaging the letters.
3. Remove any finger prints on the glass before putting it back in the frame.
4. Seal the glass in the frame by using the caulking around the entire piece of glass. Use your finger to smooth the caulking.
5. Mount the wall hook if not already on the frame.

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